Gamma Live Wire XP 16GG Natural


Tennis Magazine’s String of the Year! Dec00/Jan01 Issue.

Offers a firmer crisp feel for natural gut-like playability. Zyex monofilaments added to the outerwrap provide added durability and help reduce tension loss. Multiwrap Live Wire monofibers and Zyex monofilaments with Pearl Coating.

Gamma Irradiation Process: Energizes the molecules of the polymetric material and accelerates the intermolecular cross linkages. This increases dynamic resiliency and provides greater dynamic elasticity when compared to other strings.

Material: Nylon & Zyex
Gauge: 16 gauge/1.32 mm
Length: 40 ft/12.2 meters
Stiffness (lb/in.): 161
Color: Natural

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